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Číslo produktu: TSB 70CCM
naše cena bez DPH : 27 685,95 Kč (1 117,96 EUR)
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33 500,00 Kč (1 352,73 EUR)

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Here at Thumpstar, we have always prided ourselves on our core lineup. The kids bikes which bring smiles to kids faces and butterflies to parents stomachs. The TSB70 for us, is nothing short to be proud of. The perfect bike for kids to learn on the TSB70 has a similar size to our recently discontinued TSK50 but boasts the strength and heavy duty performance of our TSR88PRO built for adults.

Feng-Hong have long delivered an engine package which provides the traditional Thumpstar thump, with the peace of mind your bike will consistently start. The semi automatic 4 speed engine gives your child a gearbox which allows them to select gears via the standard gear lever without a clutch, this makes it much easier to ride for beginners, giving them more ability to focus on learning braking, throttle control, and when to change gear. With typical maintenance these engines go for years and years to come typically lasting far past your child's need for a bigger bike while they grow.

Paired with the engine is our Pipe Bomb 2.0 exhaust header and muffler. Many parents struggle with bikes that are too loud when their child isn’t racing. Therefore, with the TSB70 we have aimed and achieved optimal tuning with minimal noise.

We have found through testing and customer feedback that many bikes regardless of size get ridden by both kids and adults from time to time. That means the frame components must be up to scratch in terms of strength and handling. We have bolstered the design of the TSB70 to match that of our TSR88 which was mini bike built for adult riders, which gives us peace of mind that bent frames are a thing of the past.

Pipe Bomb Muffler

On a bike where the ideal places to ride are often backyards or parks where your child is learning, noise can often be an issue. Our pipe bomb muffler system keeps an optimal airflow while keeping the bike quiet and discreet.

Adjustable throttle

Parental control is a must on any motor bike where a child is just starting out and learning how to ride. We here at Thumpstar have tailored the TSB 70 to those junior riders who are learning, and given you the parent or teacher full control over your child's bike, with an easily adjustable throttle limiter, the speed and power delivery of the bike can be easily limited.

Waterproof Wiring

Building a bike that will last has been a main focus of ours since the beginning. This means we have to produce a motorcycle that will stand the test of time and exposure to the elements. We have given the TSB 70 the same waterproof wiring system that its bigger brothers the TSX125 and tsb70 have.

Cnc Chain adjuster

Easy maintenance means that learning how to properly take care of your motorcycle becomes a breeze. For young riders learning how to maintain a bike is just as important as riding it. We have equipped the TSB 70 with easy slide CNC chain adjusters which allow simple maintenance like adjusting the chain to occur.

Kick Start

Starting a bike can sometimes be an issue for our smaller riders. We have given the TSB70 a motocross style cast steel extended kick start that makes it much easier to get the bike started, while being much stronger and durable.

Mx Steeze Bars

Mx Steeze is a brand we here at Thumpstar have come to trust, they have always provided a strong and lightweight package. The TSB 70 has received the signature series ⅞” bars shared with the TSB110 and TSK50 that greatly decrease the risk of bending while keeping strength and rider comfort in mind.


TSB70 Brands


Pitbike Assembly & Servicing


Engine FH | 4 Stroke
CC Rating 70cc
Gearbox Automatic | 4 Speed (N1234)
Starter Kick
Carburetion 19mm
Exhaust Pipe Bomb BM-388 | 28mm Exhaust System
Final Drive 420 Chain
Top Speed 70kph (depending on gearing)
Suspension Front VS1 Conventional Forks | Length 520mm | 30mm
Suspension Rear Mono shock | 270mm
Brakes Front Drum
Brakes Rear Drum
Wheel & Tire Front Steel Rim | 2.50-10
Wheel & Tire Rear Steel Rim | 2.50-10
Wheelbase (axle to axle) 980mm | 39"
Seat Height 607mm | 24"
Product Weight N.W | G.W 50 / 56kg | 110 / 124 lbs
Tank Capacity 3 Litres | 0.80 Gallon
Product Packing Size 1220 x 380 x 640mm | 0.31m3